EVE are based in Oslo, Berlin and Budapest and all of their offices share a common goal: Creating aesthetically pleasing, photorealistic images of prospective architecture and living spaces that succeed in evoking the right atmospheric tone. Driven by a desire for aesthetic perfection, EVE include small subtleties to capture the appropriate emotions of the architecture.

EVE set themselves apart by maintaining a high standard of excellence and client satisfaction. EVE act not only as a service provider but as a lifestyle company. “We are flexible and open to different approaches in processing the wildest and most daring ideas of clients, enabling us to then, transform these ideas into images and animations,” EVE main focus is on professionalism, team spirit and individual drive. These values shine through even in the smallest projects. It all started in Oslo in 2008 with only a handful of employees. EVE moved the headquarters to Berlin in 2010 rapidly establishing itself as a contender in the German market.

With 60 employees in Berlin and Budapest, over 3.000 realized projects with around 12.000 images, EVE now ranks among one of the leading visualization companies in Europe.

EVE thrives in these two locations influenced by the Scandinavian clarity and the Berlin creativity. EVE are always seeking new perspectives to improve their own ideas, invest in technology, constantly challenging our development even further. “Perfection is to capture the smallest details.” said Ettemeyer co-founder at EVE.

EVE commitment to producing images which are indistinguishable from reality is their key to success. With Michele Puliga at the helm, EVE has not only grown in term of its team and business but has also, at the same time improved in know-how and quality. However, always remaining committed to their founding goals: “We just want to create great pictures!”

EVE pride themselves in the fact that their services have not only been limited to construction projects and marketing activities. Not only visualizing for developers and real estate agencies, EVE has also delivered for magazines, brochures, books and other print and digital media, as well as for renowned designers and furniture manufacturers.

Whether their clients bring them designer furniture, practical office concepts, a comfortable family home, a luxury penthouse or a residential complex, each project is shaped by lot of passion, meticulous work and personality. EVE trademark is the ability to see the world through minute details in order to achieve images which present themselves as reality.

EVE team of approximately 60 employees comprises of experts in diverse and collaborative arenas of design working together to make unique interior and exterior impressions.

With their expertise and EVE creative approach, EVE develop life-like solutions and situations for their clients’ spaces, ranging from the simple and small to highly complex living environments. A flat hierarchy is in place, the focus is on the clients and EVE are thus able to satisfy our customers in the shortest possible time.

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